Published: Dec 13, 2010 11:53 PM EST
Updated: Dec 13, 2010 8:53 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, FL- It's a sign of the season. Flags whipping in the wind. trees being blown about and temperatures plummeting. It's getting cold people! and speaking of signs - the people who work outside are noticing the change.

"The hands get a little cold so I wear the gloves and the thermals.", says James Howell.

Howell is street side advertiser. He spends most of his workday outdoors.

So he's very attuned to the weather.

Howell says, "The storm clouds keep coming through and it rains a little and then it passes and then it gets sunny and the clouds keep coming back and forth."

James says as the mercury goes down his number of layers goes up.

You also need to look out for your four legged friends.

"I would see just bringing them inside. Definitely not leaving them out overnight.", says vet tech Chrystal Greene.

Because your bird, cat, bunny and dog can catch a "cold" too!

Greene says, "Cold weather can affect them just as it can us. they can get upper respiratory infections and can also be too cold on the skin."

Vets say just like people your pets could use an extra coat as welL.