Published: Dec 11, 2010 12:48 AM EST
Updated: Dec 10, 2010 9:27 PM EST

FORT MYERS- A Fort Myers man's car is stolen after deputies say he stopped to help two men with truck problems along the road.

Dylan Zaccagnini says, "They immediately started yelling, they're telling me, get out of your car."

Zaccagnini is counting his blessings today.

He shows his bandaged hands and says, "Just a little swollen, nothing, nothing bad."

He says he's lucky to be alive after two men stole his car at gunpoint.

Zaccagnini says, "He's asking for jumper cables, I don't have any, so I look forward and there's another guy, he's getting out of his truck, when I look forward the guy that was asking me for the cables, jumps in my car on the passenger side, then I looked at him, and the other guys right here with a gun."

Zaccagnini says he went into shock.

"I was just standing there watching it all happen like it was a movie or something."

He says when he put up his hand to try and protect himself from one of the suspects, he was pistol whipped.

"The guy was drunk or on something."

The next thing Zaccagnini knew, the suspects were gone. One with his car.

"He was kind of driving like a moron, at first, running into the median, spinning out."

Zaccagnini ran up and down the road, trying to wave down a driver to let him use their cell phone to call 911, finally, a woman stopped.

Deputies found this car a short time later in a neighborhood nearby, but Zaccagnini is sad his prized possession will be a wreck.

"I know my car's probably really messed up, the guy drove it like an idiot."

Deputies say they're still investigating this case. so far, no arrests have been made.