Published: Dec 03, 2010 11:49 PM EST
Updated: Dec 03, 2010 8:42 PM EST

The state Ethics Commission has found no probable cause that Lee Co. Commissioner Frank Mann committed a conflict of interest in some votes.
A Fort Myers resident had accused Mann of conflict in voting public money for an organization that  used to rent a property that Mann owns.

"I am so pleased to have this black cloud removed.  It has been 20 months of frustration.   I knew I did no wrong.  Now the commission has agreed, and I am pleased it is finally behind me," said Mann.

"The commissioners voted unanimously that there was no wrong-doing.  Mr. Mann is cleared," said Ron Meyer, attorney for Mann.

The  commission met in Tallahassee.   Mann was accused of renting a property to Southwest Florida  Addiction Services  (SWFAS), and then voting to give taxpayer funding to the group.   The commission Friday noted that Mann rented his property at well below market price, and that he was raising money to help SWFAS build its own headquarters, and move out of his building.    Thus, he was taking actions that did not  ensure future leases of his building.   SWFAS did construct its own headquarters and moved into that building more than a year ago.

Mann would not say how much he had spent to hire  a lawyer to defend himself against the claims.