Published: Dec 02, 2010 12:10 AM EST
Updated: Dec 01, 2010 9:12 PM EST

LEHIGH ACRES, FL-Vandals strike a Lehigh church, tearing down a statue and surveillance cameras.

At Saint Rafael's Catholic Church, this is where groundskeeper Bob Beaulieu says parishioners come to pray.

Beaulieu says, "It's to remember their loved ones, and so these are things that you can't really put a price tag on."

He says two boys about 13- years old were seen on surveillance video tearing down this statue of St. Bernadette and throwing it into the pond.

"You can see where the statue was anchored down."

Hidden cameras caught the vandalism.

"You can see it they just ripped the wires out."

Beaulieu says the cost of replacing the cameras and repairing the statue is estimated at 2-thousand dollars, but he says the problem has been going on for years.

"What they did is punched holes in the bottom so all the water drained out, after we patched all the holes and filled up all the water again, they put poison in it and that killed all the fish."

The church since filled the pond, but Beaulieu says the vandals have caused more damage than they could ever know.

"You can't replace the sentimental value, their tears, their sweat their blood everything are in that statue."