Published: Dec 01, 2010 1:26 AM EST
Updated: Nov 30, 2010 10:27 PM EST

San Carlos Park- A couple married for more than 50-years has lost priceless treasures in a home burglary.
They tell WINK news, it all happened in the middle of the day.

88-Year old Helen Ackerman says her empty hand feels strange today after her wedding and engagement rings she's worn for 57 years were stolen from her Fort Myers home.

"i'm very thankful that we weren't harmed, the Lord is still with us."

The Ackermans were at home doing chores when deputies say someone cut open the screen to this door and entered the home.

Helen says she had taken off her jewelry and put it on her dresser. When she went back to check, everything was gone.
Walter says he was sitting here the whole time, but didn't see or hear anything.

"If I had seen him and confronted him, who knows, I could be dead."

The thief apparently then pushed out the screen of this window and left. 
The couple, though heartbroken over the loss of their wedding rings, says they're grateful to God they have each other.

"This was all material things that were lost. He keeps us going."