Published: Nov 30, 2010 1:22 PM EST
Updated: Nov 30, 2010 10:23 AM EST

Ft. Myers, FL --Taking flight this holiday season? You might want to check out a new survey before you book that ticket.  Zagat asked thousands of frequent fliers their opinions, and the results produced the latest list of best domestic and international airlines, and the best and worst airports across the U.S.
Southwest scored top marks for best luggage policy, best check-in experience, best consumer on-time estimates, and most eco-friendly.  Continental Airlines scored the top spot for premium seating,  while Jetblue Airways performed best on economy seating.  As for international airlines, Singapore Airlines topped the survey for premium seating and economy seating.
America's favorite airport seems to be Portland International, which scored 22 out of 30 in overall quality.  But Florida didn't do too bad:  Tampa and Orlando's airports came in second and fourth in quality.  New York's Laguardia came in last, scoring a mere 6 out of 30.  This is the fourth year Laguardia has ranked last.
All in all, travelers are displeased with the state of the air travel industry.  45 percent said they try to avoid flying airlines that charge extra for large bags, while 42 percent of participants are frequent fliers on airlines that waive the fee.