Published: Nov 27, 2010 2:12 AM EST
Updated: Nov 26, 2010 6:51 PM EST

An influential conservative opinion-maker lives and works in Southwest Florida.   John Hayward recently began work as the daily news writer for Human Events website.    It's the internet version of the Human Events publication that dates back decades as a favorite of conservatives.  The website gets about 3-million hits a day.

"This is tremendously satisfying, and a big personal responsibility to write under that mast-head," said Hayward.   "I have wanted to be a writer since I was a kid, and now I can do it professionally, from my home in Lee County."

It wasn't always so.   Hayward worked 16 years as the computer support specialist for a local company.   But he was not satisfied.  So he started writing for blog sites, primarily  'Hot Air' under the pseudonym,  Doctor Zero.    He became so polished that he published a book, he appeared as a guest on radio talk shows,  and this fall, the editor of Human Events offered him a job as the writer,  focusing on daily news for the website.

"Depending on the news, I can post up to half-a-dozen articles a day," said Hayward.   He also blogs and writes columns for the internet site.  

"It is so great to do this from here in South Fort Myers,"  Hayward told WINK.   "In the internet age, you can work from just about anywhere."    Hayward surfs the web for story ideas and news developments.   He also watches cable TV channels for breaking news coverage.

"I am allowed to insert my opinions in my articles.    The editors like to inject a bit of humor as well, perhaps an anecdote, to make the website an entertaining and informative read," he said.

Hayward says it's still sinking in that his words wield considerable power.     "I think the challenge in the electronic age is to see our world,  with all these many sources of information, some of it false, and draw conclusions about what is really happening and why it is happening.   It is very interesting," he said.

Hayward avoids predicting politics, but did offer a tidbit about the likely Republican to face Pres. Obama in 2012.   "I truly think at this point, we are looking at the top two competitors, as Romney and Palin.   But that can surely change between now and the first primary.   So much can happen between now and then," he said.

You can bet that  John Hayward will be writing about those developments, and his words will reach opinion-shapers, across America.