Published: Nov 24, 2010 12:46 AM EST
Updated: Nov 23, 2010 9:20 PM EST

Lehigh Acres, FL-  A Lehigh mom says she was flashed in front of her child.
She recounts with horror her trip to her kid's bus stop, where a man exposed himself not once, but three times.

Maura Mean says she was walking with her daughter to pick up her son at the bus stop when they saw a man doing something shocking.

Mean says, "He had a blue jacket, navy jacket with a hood on, and he pulled it all the way up and put his pants all the way down, and then he had hair on his chest and also on his private area."

Mean is hearing impaired, but her daughter told her that the man was also shouting at them.

Mean says, "She said, what is that mom? was curious, looking and looking."

With the hood of the sweatshirt tied tightly around his head, Mean says it was hard for her to see the man's face.
She says several cars passed by during the flashing, but no one seemed to notice.

She says, "No one reported anything."

Mean says the flasher exposed himself three times before she left the bus stop, without picking up her son. she went home and called 911 on her video cell phone, where a translator delivered the message.

Mean says, "It was so disgusting and sick."

Now she says she's having a hard time sleeping, and she's nervous in her own home.