Published: Nov 23, 2010 4:36 AM EST
Updated: Nov 23, 2010 1:37 AM EST

GOLDEN GATE ESTATES, Fla. - Residents in the Golden Gate Estates are fed up with panthers attacking their livestock. It's costing them hundreds of dollars and they want something done about the family of felines.

Arturo Freyre says the cats killed four of his goats and a chicken in the last three nights alone. Plus, one of the goats was pregnant.

Freyre was using income from the animals to supplement his retirement pension. He hopes Florida Fish and Wildlife consider relocating the cats before he looses any more money.

FWC has caught and collared one panther in the last three weeks in Eastern Collier County.  That panther is suspected of killing calves in that area.

FWCV has said in the past they rarely relocate the animals.