Published: Nov 13, 2010 6:29 AM EST
Updated: Nov 13, 2010 3:29 AM EST

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - It's one of the busiest weekends at Fort Myers Beach with the Sand Sculpting Festival, and businesses are doing their best to adapt to the circumstances with special "no gas" menus. However, those lucky enough to still to have gas service are getting a welcome boost in business and even offering some help to their neighbors.

Imagine getting this news the day before your wedding: "I called olive garden, they told us that they were closed down, that our rehearsal dinner had to be cancelled," Stephen Mink said. "I go into a frenzy."

The unexpected change left them with 40 soon-to-be hungry guests But along came Diamond Head Beach Resort - with gas - to save the day, hosting all 40. "As long as it doesn't rain tomorrow, we're all good!" Mink said.

The Caribbean Pearl definitely felt the effects of the gas situation, and that was not all bad! "We opened October 6th and we had the busiest lunch today since we opened, so we are very excited for the extra business," Manager Asley Felorencano said. "We actually have our own propane tanks on storage."

And at Bay Walk Cafe, it was cheers to... "Electricity! So as long as the power don't go out, we're good," Owner Sandy Campofredano said.

While some, like Nervous Nellie's, were forced to close, others, like Matanzas Inn and Smokin Oyster Brewery coped with limited menus. "We're doing burgers, grilled chicken and grouper, that's pretty much it," Smokin Oyster Brewery cook Chris Schuster said.

While it put a damper on a profitable weekend, most visitors made the best of it. "It's unfortunate what happened, but everybody will be okay. Everybody's got to have a little patience and it'll be fine," Jim Block said, visiting from Minnesota.