Published: Nov 13, 2010 12:31 AM EST
Updated: Nov 12, 2010 9:11 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - According to public records, The Dept. of Labor's Occupational & Safety Health Administration - or OSHA - has inspected Posen Construction on nearly two dozen occasions since late 2005.

Posen Construction was working near Colonial and SR 82 Thursday when an employee accidentally cut a Teco People's Gas pipeline, causing a massive explosion and shutting off service to thousands of customers.

OSHA records show that Michigan-based Posen was cited for 103 violations over the last five years.  Of those violations, 20 were labeled as "serious."

Six more were labeled as "repeat" violations.

Since 2005, Posen has paid $100,262 in fines.

The vast majority of the violations occured in Michigan, but WINK News found one in Ohio that cost the company $54,000.  In that case, Posen was cited for not providing proper protective gear to workers who were exposed to burns while cutting metal with a torch.  The company was also fined for failing to reinforce the sides of a trench, leaving workers vulnerable to a cave-in.

Only a handful of the company's violations are in Florida.  Most though, are in Lee County.

Posen was fined $2,400 earlier this year after a worker was injured by a crane at a construction site near Colonial Blvd. and I-75.  The worker was treated and released from the hospital.  OSHA said Posen failed to make the construction site safe for workers.

Posen is also working on the Summerlin overpass at College Pkwy.  The project has been stalled for months after the discovery of Asbestos.  Posen could face fines depending on how much Asbestos is finally removed from the site.

WINK News called Posen's offices in Estero and Detroit.  Both declined to comment.