Published: Nov 10, 2010 5:55 AM EST
Updated: Nov 09, 2010 11:47 PM EST

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. - New details in Monday night's fatal car crash in Lehigh Acres. Two people were killed, two others taken to the hospital in critical condition. Family of one of those victims and neighbors say drivers are traveling dangerously fast on that road.

Just after 9 Monday night, neighbors heard what sounded like an explosion. A car and truck collided, head on, at East 6th Street and Highland Avenue. Neighbors grabbed buckets of water to put out the flames. But sadly, 24 year old Jennifer Post and 26 year old Barry Williams, Jr. - both in the truck - died at the scene, while 22 year old Lisban Ramirez and 19 year old Elizabeth Soto were taken to the hospital with critical injuries.

Investigators are now looking for a third vehicle that may have been there during the accident. They, along with witnesses, believe it was a small dark car with a loud exhaust.

On neighbor who asked not to be identified said he wasn't surprised it happened there. "People fly up and down this street like it's a damn racetrack," He said, "and that's the God honest truth."

The speed limit on East 6th street is 35 mph. But neighbors say they've seen drivers doing close to 90, even 100, and they're worried. "You've got people out walking their dogs and night and people are drag racing. Who the heck knows who's going to get run over next?" the neighbor said.

Amy Depaw got chills as she ran past the scene of the crash, and hopes this will be a wakeup call for drivers. "I am running, there are other pedestrians up and down this sidewalk, so it's not just themselves they need to be thinking about," Depaw said. "They need to be thinking about everybody else that goes up and down this street."
Family and friends of Barry Williams, Jr. and Jennifer Post gathered Tuesday in their memory. We spoke off-camera with William's sister Tiffany. She said Barry and his girlfriend Jennifer were on their way to his cousin's house, just a few blocks away. She said they were not speeding, they were innocent victims.

Anyone with information about this is asked to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office or Crime Stoppers.