Published: Oct 29, 2010 5:56 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 29, 2010 1:43 AM EDT

COLLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - The father stunned with a Taser by Collier deputies last week in front of dozens of students says there's a reason why he vehemently wanted his daughter off her rowdy bus, which ultimately led to deputies using a Taser on him.

"She calls hysterical and I hear all these kids screaming in the back," Alex Guerrero explains of the phone call he received from his daughter last Thursday.

When Guerrero drove to where the bus was pulled over on the side of US 41, he saw dozens of students on the side walk surrounded by deputies.

"Just because I asked to take my daughter home I've got two cops, one on each side, putting my hands behind my back."

Deputies say Guerrero was acting up and interrupting their investigation into the bus commotion.

"One's screaming get down, one's telling me don't move. When I looked back I got shot with a Taser. I just kept looking at my daughter. When the Taser stopped I told her to stay back. She was hysterical, all these kids were hysterical, then they tased me again."

Now we find out why Guerrero was in such a rush to get his daughter off the bus that day. It all stems from an incident he claims happened just weeks prior with a bus assistant.

"She said if her body touched any student that that student had to move. My daughter was touched by her body so my daughter moved. When my daughter moved she smacked her behind the head."

We asked the school district about this incident. They say "Based on our understanding the father has mischaracterized the events. There was no harm to the girl."

But, Guerrero's daughter wrote a statement for Manatee Middle School in which she says she was hit. There is also a letter from the school to the father stating the bus assistant will not have any further contact with his daughter. Guerrero says he asked for the footage from the bus camera; however, he says he was told the camera was broken that day.

WINK News wants to know why the district does not believe the student's claims. We have asked the school and will continue to follow up with the district.

In the meantime, Guerrero has taken his daughter out of Manatee Middle School and put her in another one.