Published: Oct 23, 2010 10:47 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 23, 2010 7:50 PM EDT

DOWNTOWN FORT MYERS-  Congested streets and aggressive patrons.
Downtown Fort Myers bar owners blame a law that forces bars to close at 2 a.m.
Now there's a new push for a change.

At 2 a.m sharp, Indigo Room owner Raimond Aulen says, whether drinking or not, he's forced to  kick patrons out of his bar.He says, "The same staff that was all friendly to you is now screaming at you, yelling at you to get out."

Aulen says he'd like the ordinance to change so that patrons could stay in the bar until 3 a.m, though alcohol sales would still end at 2 o'clock.

"At two o'clock, all these businesses let out at the same time and you end up with congestion."

Morgan House bar manager says allowing people to hang out longer and enjoy themselves would help with that.

He says, "There's a mass exit, you know there's people in the streets here, and extra police force, and things like that, and trouble prevails."

So do DUIs, which police say are up 17 percent from last year.

One bar patron says, "It gives you a little bit more freedom at the end of the night to make plans to get home safely, and not force out onto the streets at the same time."

Some see an economic benefit as well.

Patron Mike Valequette says, "I think if the city of Fort myers want to attract people down here and attract more people to come, they're going to have to allow that kind of stuff to go on."