Published: Oct 21, 2010 4:24 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 21, 2010 12:47 AM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - "One of the Cape players jumped off at one of our players. They began fighting at that moment," said witness Cheyenne Jackson.

Witnesses say one hit started all the chaos - A Cape Coral player makes an off sides tackle on Riverdale, and tempers flared. Coaches start to walk on the field along with a few fans, and that's when the 16 year old taping the video got scared and left. Now, people who were on the field now wish they did the same.

"At that time everybody is getting hit, everybody is getting punched. My nephews trying to break up a fight between one of his players and one of the grown ups," said Jackson.

Sheriffs deputies had to break up the fight that swelled to almost 100 people and lasted almost 20 minutes. The league decided to suspend both teams from the playoffs.

"We have a zero tolerance policy for fighting, especially when it involves parents and coaches. Our number on priority is to protect the kids," said Mike Elg, President of the Peace River Conference.

League officials believe this is the only video that exists of the night of the brawl. They tell WINK they are ready to put the past behind them and let the kids move on.