Published: Oct 21, 2010 11:14 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 21, 2010 8:14 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Doctor Jacinta Gillis' Dollar Pain Clinics have been the focus of an 18 month investigation.

Federal agents along with the Lee County Sheriff's Office raided the doctor's properties earlier this month.

Allegations were raised accusing the doctor of drug trafficking and laundering money. Several of her vehicles were seized as well as jewelry and more than 50,000 dollars in cash. Because of the dismissal, her attorney - Scott Moorey - will soon find out what Gillis will get back.

But apparently, his client is not yet out of the woods.

Moorey says, "There is always potential for going to jail. It only takes probable cause. An allegation is enough for probable cause."