Published: Oct 12, 2010 4:07 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 12, 2010 1:07 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - A Naples family tells WINK News they thought they were sending their cat to get spayed through a free program, but what happened left them heart broken. Their cat was adopted out.

Because of cat over-population in the Bayshore area, Volunteer Services for Animals, or VSA, pays for cats to be spayed or neutered. Edgar Hernandez lives in this area and gave his Siamese kitten to VSA to be fixed. VSA took the cat to the Collier Spay and Neuter Clinic, but when they went to pick it she had been adopted by another organization.

The clinic tells WINK News a volunteer with VSA signed a release to surrender the cat, but can't give us a copy because of confidentiality laws. VSA claims that is not their practice, and the volunteer tells WINK News she only signed the usual admissions form.

The cat was picked up by another organization and adopted by a family. Hernandez is hoping his kitten will be given back.