Published: Oct 10, 2010 1:48 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 09, 2010 6:47 PM EDT

LABELLE, Fla. - A Hendry County church is hoping to ease the financial pressures of the over 20% of people out of work in the area.

The church set up shop for a community-wide yard sale on Saturday, in an effort to help people swap clutter for some much needed cash.

A LaBelle church is taking a small step at tackling a big problem in their area- unemployment. 20.6% of people are out of work in Hendry County, the highest unemployment rate in the state.

"It's hard. You're making choices like do you pay creditors or buy groceries, you know?" yard sale vendor Julie Wilkins said.

But the youth group at LaBelle Assembly of God is hoping to offer help. The church set up and advertised a community-wide yard sale, inviting anyone to show up and sell.

"With the unemployment rate the way it is, we felt like a free event for the public so they could sell their wares would be helpful in our job situation," Pastor Clifford Avery said Saturday.

Within hours, racks of clothing and tables of trinkets cleared out...a sign of success for sellers pocketing all the proceeds.

"There wasn't any charge for anything. So everything they sold, they can walk home with every dollar they made," Avery said.

For the thousands continuing to weather the tough economic times, even the smallest amount of money offers some much needed hope.

"We're surviving, but its opportunities like this that help people more," Wilkins said.

Saturday's yard sale was the first of it's kind for the LaBelle Assembly of God church. They say they plan to carry on the tradition, in hopes of helping the community.