Published: Oct 05, 2010 3:33 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 04, 2010 11:45 PM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. - Two Bonita Springs mothers are arrested, on the same night, within hours of each other. Both are accused of allowing teens to drink inside their homes. When deputies came to break up the parties, the moms also shared the same excuse.

"All I can say is it got out of hand," 47 year old Stacy Desalvo told WINK Monday night. She said she knew her daughter had a few friends over, but, "Later on, we had a whole porch full."

Deputies arrived at Ankeny Lane after getting a call about a loud party, and found 16 juveniles, empty liquor bottles and beer cans. They also found Desalvo, drinking a beer. According to the arrest report, she told deputies it was her daughter's idea, that "it was homecoming weekend and that's what you do,"and that "I can not control her."

When we asked if she condoned underage drinking, Desalvo said, "No, no I don't."  And when we asked if this was the first time this type of thing happened," Desalvo said, "Yes, it is the first time, and the last time."

That same morning, deputies were called to Quails Walk Drive to find 15 juveniles drinking. Deputies said, 46 year old Lisa Jandura, also intoxicated, told them she "couldn't stop them" and "told them to go home." Jandura was arrested, charged not only for the party, but also resisting arrest. She told deputies "it was a stupid house party" and they were "stupid for arresting her."  

Lt. Larry King of the Lee County Sheriff's Office disagrees. "We're all adults here," King said. "We know what our responsibility is and when you're also having the responsibility of other children, we had up to 15, 16 juveniles in these homes in a social gathering, we have to be responsible for those individuals."

Collier County deputies broke up yet another underage drinking party that same morning in Golden Gate Estates. Half a dozen were arrested, 3 for hosting the party. Hosting an open house party is no minor charge. If found guilty, you could spend up to 2 months in jail.