Published: Oct 04, 2010 1:36 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 03, 2010 8:49 PM EDT

Amanda Pierson is no stranger to bullying. One of her classmates in middle school turned her life upside down.

 "She would throw batteries at the back of my head, take my purse, dump it out on the bus," she said.

It got so bad she didn't want to leave the house. Pierson's mother Tali helped put an end to it by telling teachers at school. She knows firsthand how bullying can ruin lives forever.

Her 15 year-old cousin killed himself after years of cyber-bullying.

"He unfortunately felt like he didnt have anybody to talk to, nobody to help him. He took it upon himself to end the torment," said Tali Pierson.

He took both of those stories to New York to take part in a special that airs tonight on Nickelodeon. Kids from all over the U.S. share their experiences about bullying and ways to stop it.

"It makes me feel like Im helping, I hope it helps other people if they watch it," she said.

It's been in the headlines all week as Rutgers freshman Tyler Clemtni killed himself after his roommate put streaming video of a sexual encounter online.

Pierson hopes kids across the country will take all these stories to heart and learn that bullying is never okay.

"I hope it helps everybody else and makes them realize maybe its bigger than what I think it is," said Pierson.