Published: Oct 01, 2010 10:38 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 01, 2010 5:41 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - You might have to pay more in the future if a company tows your vehicle and stores it on their lot. Lee Co. towing companies are asking commissioners for a pay raise. They claim they've had the same rates for 10 years and are hurting.

"We have seen the prices of fuel, insurance, license fees and other things, go up a lot in 10 years... but our rates have not gone up," complained Lenny Diogo, owner of Jaime's Towing in North Ft. Myers. "Some months we are barely making a small profit. If we can get more money, we can get more to our workers, so they can provide better for their families."

Right now, tow companies in Lee get 100 dollars for a basic, 1/2 hour tow. That would cover the towing of most cars. The proposal would raise that to 135 dollars. Companies also want more money for other towing services, and more for storing vehicles on their lots.

"It is a little rough now, and we deserve some more," said Owen Bagaason, manager of Red's OK Truck Service in Lee Co.    "The other counties around us have gotten higher tow rates, but not us. We need the extra money."

WINK News stopped by a barber shop in Ft. Myers, where John Yeomans disagreed about the need for a rate  hike. "I think the timing is absolutely the worst! I do not  think, in this economy, that anyone should be asking for more money. It is just not the thing to do right now, with people out of work and so forth," he told WINK.

Lee Commissioners will have the final say on the towing rates. They may take up the issue later this fall.