Published: Sep 29, 2010 11:35 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 29, 2010 5:43 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - New details in a fatal shooting in the Harlem Heights community. It happened Tuesday night near Duera Mae Drive and Hagie Drive. The Lee County Sheriff's Department identified the man killed as 34 year old Claude Sewell, III.  We're learning, they weren't the only ones trying to save this man's life.

"It was like watching a movie. I never thought I'd have to be in that situation before," Mercides Gilliam said.

When she and her family heard gunshots outside their home, they knew someone needed their help.

"We saw some people running from the scene and I saw the vehicle, but I didn't see the guy, so I looked in the truck and he was laying across the floor board," Gilliam's brother Anthony Rosado said. "First thought that came to mind was, try to save him."

"We had to break the rear window to unlock the front door," Gilliam and Rosado's mother Mary Rosado said.

They pulled Claude Sewell out, began C.P.R. and compressed his wounds.
"I checked for all the bullet wounds and he had been shot quite a few times," Gilliam said.

Forensics Unit Investigators gathered evidence throughout the night. A Medical Examiner will be able to confirm the cause of death.
"That's a bad street, that's all I can say," a neighbor said. "They need more police out here."

Though their efforts to save Sewell - a man they'd never met - were unsuccessful, this family says they'd do it for anyone.

"It's not a brave thing, it's just the right thing and if it were me or my children, I would hope someone would do that same for us," Mary Rosado said.

We dug into Sewell's past and found that in 2005, he was charged with Felony Battery. In 2002 and  2006, he was arrested for DUI. At this point, the Lee County Sheriff's Office hasn't released much more information, including names of possible suspects or what may have motivated the shooting.