Published: Sep 09, 2010 11:42 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 09, 2010 8:41 PM EDT

SAN CARLOS PARK, Fla. - 18 year old Jonathan Fischer says, "I never thought I'd be arrested for cutting an advertising blimp in front of a pizza place."

It was rude service at the Little Caesars in San Carlos Park that prompted him to cut the string which held helium-filled blimp to the ground.

Fischer says, "The balloon just floated away and we weren't able to recover it."

He says at the time, he didn't realize he had made a 14-hundred dollar mistake.

The blimp was tied to a fire hydrant in front of the restaurant. A surveillance camera caught Fischer.

"I cut a blimp and I got felony charges."

Fischer says, once deputies found him, he offered to pay for his mistake, but was arrested.

He says, "I've never been in trouble with the cops, never been arrested. I've never even been pulled over or given a ticket."

In jail, he says, the other alleged felons laughed at him.

" I was listening to the other things, that people were in there for that's worse than that, like grand theft auto and I was in there for cutting a blimp and I got a felony charge because of that."

Now the 18 year old, who is heading off to college in December, is afraid for his future.

"Now every single time I fill out a job application, I have to mark the little felony box, and I was thinking about that the whole time I was in there."