Published: Sep 08, 2010 4:18 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 08, 2010 1:18 PM EDT

MIAMI (AP) - Two men are facing federal charges in Miami of attempting to obtain hundreds of military automatic weapons such as M-16 and AK-47 assault rifles.

An FBI affidavit released Tuesday shows that the weapons were to be shipped to the Middle East. Charged with conspiracy to obtain stolen firearms are 23-year-old Abdalaziz Aziz Hamayel, of the Palestinian West Bank, and 24-year-old Yanny Aguila Urbay of Hialeah.

Federal prosecutors say the pair sought to obtain 300 automatic weapons as well as silencers, grenades and explosives detonators. They were working with undercover law enforcement officials posing as stolen weapons brokers.

The charges carry maximums of five years in prison. Court records did not list attorneys for the men Tuesday.