Published: Sep 04, 2010 4:08 AM EDT
Updated: Sep 03, 2010 8:50 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Cape Coral's City Manager is looking to save some money in the budget.

But this savings measure could mean a pay cut for city employees.

In a memo released Friday morning, City Manager Gary King proposes a 6.71% pay cut for employees.

It's part of his alternative budget proposal.

The move will save the city $6 million dollars and prevent them from having to dip in the reserve fund.

Cape Coral Mayor John Sullivan is happy to see an alternative way to balance the budget.

"I was glad to see he was able to find another way," Sullivan said.

The mayor is against taking money out of the reserve fund..

So when Mayor Sullivan saw Gary King's alternative proposed budget, he was thrilled

"If we can pull it off. It's going to make me a very happy camper"

The city has a $6 million dollar budget gap.

They have to make up the difference somehow, but they don't want to layoff any workers or cut city services.

Some city councilors support dipping into the reserve fund.

The mayor is against that.

This prompted City Manager King to revise the proposed budget and look to save money.

He has already saved nearly $400,000 by renegotiating the city's medical insurance.

But in order to save more money, he suggests pay cuts.

The 6.71% pay cut, plus other cost saving measures could save $6.25 million in the budget.

Mayor Sullivan says the pay cut will only be for employees with high level salaries, around six figures.

"Obviously there's more fruit to pick when you go to the top of the tree than at the lower levels. We are not trying to destroy the employees here," the Mayor said.

Gary King was not available for comment on Friday to discuss his alternative budget proposal.

Employees and residents can give their opinion about this proposed pay cut at Tuesday night's budget hearing.

It starts at 5:05pm in Council Chambers at Cape Coral City Hall.