Published: Sep 04, 2010 4:53 AM EDT
Updated: Sep 04, 2010 12:34 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - WINK News first told you about turf trouble at two Collier County high schools earlier this week. The $2 million makeover to the fields got botched and the grass won't be ready for touchdowns in weeks. So, how does this affect students and parents?

"We should be at golden gate instead of over here," James Townsend Sr., tells us.

The field, home to his son and two nephews on the Titans, won't have any Friday night lights. ;Instead, Golden Gate's home game is being played on their rival's turf, Gulf Coast High School.

"I can walk to school when there's a home game and stuff, now I have to take a car,' Golden Gate freshman Jason Bigler says. He's not psyched about having to spend extra money to make it to Friday's game.

But, for some the 9.6 mile drive didn't matter.

"We would have came anyway. We want to see the band," Brian Bell and his family tell us.

For Townsend, it's not about the drive.

"He was upset you know, he's a senior. He wants everything to be at home if they have home games."

Townsend's hoping touchdowns won't be fumbled because a turf war has affected the moral of his family on the field.

According to Bell, he doesn't think it will matter, "It's just another game to them, whether they play it here or Golden Gate."

If you ask former Titan Curtis Beddingfield, it's already gotten into the players heads.

"Definitely, definitely, because we shouldn't have to depend on another team's field to win."

Only the score may be able to determine that. Ironically, the Titans beat the Sharks, which a fan tells me has never happened.

Next week is when it gets real interesting. Golden Gate and Palmetto Ridge play eachother, and they both happen to be the two schools that can't use their fields.

They may wind up playing at Lely High School instead, which is a 23 mile drive for Palmetto Ridge's home game.