Published: Sep 02, 2010 11:10 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 02, 2010 8:10 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - It's a story you saw first on WINK.

Cape Coral homeowners said their water bills skyrocketed for no reason.

Now WINK News is getting results and those homeowners are getting their money back.

Several homeowners along SW 51st Terrace knew something was wrong when their utility bills surged in water usage.

Turns out they were right, the water meter was faulty.

"I was shocked. I was angry," said Pam Pearson.

Pearson couldn't believe it when her water bill jumped in price and water consumption.

"In those two billing periods we were gone for 23 days. Why would our bill go up? We turned the water off," she said.

Pam knew something had to be wrong, but not on her end.

"We just had our pipes re-piped, so we know there were no leaks," she said.

Pam suspected the water meter.

Partly because her neighbors also complained of a spike in water usage.

One her neighbor's water consumption jumped to 30,000 gallons in one month.

"It seems like everyone has a problem," Pam said.

Pam wrote to the city.

She says her first letter got no response.

So, she wrote a second one.

But when WINK News got involved last Friday, Pam says she finally got results.

Her meter was pulled from the ground and tested.

The test results didn't surprise Pam.

"The meter is faulty. It was faulty on their side," she said.

Sine then, Pam says her old meter has been taken out and a new digital meter put in the ground.

"I am pleased with the out come," she said.

Not only that, Pam's bill be adjusted from the money she paid on the faulty meter.

Her neighbor's, the ones with a 30,000 gallon bill, will also get an adjustment.

The city took out their water meter as well and replaced it with a new one.

However, a city spokesperson says the neighbor's meter may not be faulty.

They're classifying it as "involuntary use".

Pam's just glad her issue has been resolved and the meter has been replaced.

"We want an accurate reading. We want to be charged for what we are using," she said.

If you have concerns, the city say to call them.