Published: Aug 31, 2010 5:24 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 31, 2010 1:04 AM EDT

EAST NAPLES, Fla. - A woman is hailed a hero after rescuing a drowning 6-year-old and giving him CPR in East Naples. But now, the boy and his parents tell a much different story.

They claim the boy wouldn't have nearly died if this so-called hero was watching them like she was supposed to.

"I thought my brother was gone," 10-year-old Stacy Philogene recalls her thoughts from last Thursday.

If you ask her little brother Stanley who's responsible for saving his life that day, he only has one answer.

"My sister Stacy."

The first grader nearly drowned when he tripped and fell into the deep end of the complex pool. Stanley's sister jumped into action by diving down and pulling him up to the top.

Neighbor, Janice Johnson, also known as Miss Sassy in the neighborhood, did CPR on the boy and helped save his life.

"In all then news she has all the credit," the children's father Sauveur Philogene says.

He and his wife are thankful Johnson gave CPR, but they question her story and wonder why she wasn't watching the kids more carefully.

Stacy claims Johnson told them they could go to the pool with her if they asked their grandma.

"Miss Sassy, if she take them she should be there for them. I'm asking how come Stanley fall in the water and Miss Sassy don't even know," Sauveur questions. He tells us he never allows the children to go to the pool without him there.

Johnson tells us she never invited Philogene's kids to the pool. She says she asked two other children if they wanted to come and the Philogene children tagged along.

"I can not blame myself because I did not give them permission to go to the pool," Johnson explains.

She says she still tried to watch the children as best she could.

Now, Johnson feels the misunderstanding is casting a shadow on her effort to save a life.

"I think everybody should think about the big picture, Stanley is living right now."

The East Naples Fire Department responded to the scene last Thursday, they are also taking a further look into the incident because of conflicting information.