Published: Aug 25, 2010 11:37 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 25, 2010 7:19 PM EDT

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Fresh off his primary win for the Republican nomination for governor, Naples businessman Rick Scott says he's ready for the general election.

"They believed in my message. 7 steps to 700,000 jobs over 7 years. That's what resonated," Scott said in a one-on-one interview with WINK News from Fort Lauderdale, site of his primary election night victory party.

Scott says his image as an outisder who's lived the American dream led him to victory in Tuesday's GOP primary. Scott credits his Southwest Florida neighbors with playing a key role.

"Its inspiring to talk to people in SWFL about their struggles, their issues, and what I bring to the table,  how I can get the economy back to work."

Surviving a bruising primary, Scott says he was surprised when opponent Bill McCollum at first refused to concede the race.  Scott says as of Wednesday afternoon, he still hadn't received a concession call from McCollum, though the Florida attorney general did officially bow out of the race with a late night e-mail statement.

Now Rick Scott looks ahead to a fresh battle with Democrat Alex Sink.

"I spoke with Ms. Sink last night and what we spoke about is we need to run a campaign that talks about issues. When you go to the polls in November, you should know where people stand."

Scott didn't specifically rule out more negative ads, while saying he's ready to point out his differences from the Democrats.

First, Scott will need to work to unite his own party, after successfully challenging the GOP establishment.  

"Republicans will rally around what I believe in," Scott said.

One of the first key moves in that effort could be his choice of running mate, though he isn't giving many hints.

"Make sure its a person all of us would believe would be a good governor, a person who believes in the same principles I believe in. A lot of great candidates across the state," Scott said.

The Scott campaign says it should be ready to announce a running mate within the next couple of weeks.