Published: Aug 19, 2010 10:42 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 19, 2010 5:38 PM EDT

LABELLE, Fla. - The U.S. is withdrawing the last of its combat troops from Iraq.   Southwest Florida lost several of its service-members during the 7 and a half years of war.

"I don't know if it was worth it, if it was win, lose or draw.  I really do not know," said Johnny Hammett of Labelle, about the war.   His son, 39-year old Army officer Robert "Charlie"  Hammett, was killed in a bombing in Iraq 2 years ago.

"There is nothing worse than losing your child," said Hammett during an interview with WINK News.    "He died doing what he believed in.   He said to me,  if we don't stop those people over there, we will have to fight them here.   He was talking about the terrorists who've already attacked the U.S. on Sept. 11."

Johnny's wife Dina also spoke with WINK.   She says:   "I don't know that we did any good.  I mean, the people are still fighting over there and bombing each other.  They've been fighting for a thousand  years.   I believe that a strong-man, another Saddam Hussein, will emerge and lead the country.   But will there be peace?   I don't believe so."

Charlie Hammett left behind a wife and 5 daughters.   He had spent 18 years in the Army, when he was killed.

"It never goes away, although over time it might become a little bit easier to cope with," said Hammett of the loss of his son.    "I am just glad the combat role is done, so nobody else from here will have to lose a son or daughter over there."