Published: Aug 18, 2010 11:40 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 18, 2010 8:13 PM EDT

GOLDEN GATE ESTATES, Fla. - Two teens allegedly stole $250 thousand worth of rare coins from a widow and tried to cash them in at a Publix change machine.

Detectives tell WINK News 18-year-old Juan Despirito and 18-year-old Kristee Mcardle burglarized the widow's home on 15th Avenue Southwest last Friday.

"They came down the side here with a car, came around the back, broke the window out and took some coins and stuff," says the victim's neighbor Roger Morris.

They also allegedly stole a flat screen television and some jewelry. Detectives say they the teens live a street away from the victim.

The teens allegedly tried to cash in the coins at a nearby Publix change machine. Deputies say some of the silver dollars didn't fit and sold them to workers at the supermarket. Detectives tell Wink the pair was caught on surveillance video.

Morris says the woman is a 71-year-old widow of a police officer.

"She's very upset you know she just lost her husband," says Morris.

Despirito and Mcardle are being held in jail on $25 thousand bond each. Deputies say the surveillance video shows they had an infant with them.