Published: Aug 18, 2010 11:35 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 18, 2010 5:38 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Cape Coral Police arrested the owner of a building in the Industrial Park after he became agitated and chest-bumped a City Code Compliance officer who was conducting a routine investigation of the business. Uri Aminov (DOB: 06/23/1954) was charged with Battery on a Code Compliance Officer, a felony.

On August 17, Cape Coral Code Compliance Officer William Ziegler was doing an inspection at Affordable Auto Performance located at 1121 SE 12th Place. As he conducted the inspection, he spoke by phone to the building owner, Uri Aminov. Aminov indicated he would be coming to the building to talk to the officer. When he arrived, Officer Ziegler attempted to explain the leak problems he had found in the building. According to Officer Ziegler, the owner had a hostile demeanor when he arrived and yelled “What’s the problem?” Officer Ziegler asked Aminov to calm down and offered to show him the leaks. The two of them went to the back of building where Officer Ziegler pointed out where automotive fluids were leaking. As Officer Ziegler pointed to the leaks, Aminov moved toward him aggressively and bumped him chest-to-chest.

Officer Ziegler advised Aminov not to touch him and headed to the front of the business. Aminov continued to stay up in Officer Ziegler’s face, yelling for him to leave and using profanity. Officer Ziegler finally was able to get into his vehicle and leave, and upon arrival at City Hall, he and his supervisor contacted Cape Police.

While Cape Police were interviewing Officer Ziegler, Uri Aminov came to City Hall to file a complaint. While talking to Code Compliance Manager Frank Cassidy, he became agitated and raised his voice. Cassidy asked him to calm down and wait as a police officer was on his way over to speak with him.

Aminov told officers that Code Officer Ziegler raised his voice at him when he said he could not see any leaks at his building. Aminov said that when he asked for a written list of problems with the building, Officer Ziegler continued to yell at him and take pictures.

Based on the statement provided by Code Compliance Officer Ziegler, Cape Police arrested Aminov and charged him with felony battery. He was booked and transported to Lee County Jail.