Published: Aug 17, 2010 11:34 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 17, 2010 7:46 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Karen White and her husband are 14 months behind on their mortgage. Her husband lost his job and now their house is on the auction block.

"To this day, we've been turned down for every, every single program to help," said White.

She hoped the new Hardest Hit program which is slated to kick off in Lee County would be the answer. But she's too far behind on payments to qualify. Her caseworker at the Homeownership Resource Center in Lee County told her she won't be the only one.

"She was very discouraged. She said every one of my clients will be ineligible for the program," said White.

The federal program awarded Florida almost $500 million to help troubled homeowners. More than $23 million will go to Lee County alone. And state officials say even if you think you may not qualify, try anyway.

"Until we actually get the pilot up and running it may be premature to make a predetermination as to whether a homeowner will or will not qualify," said Cecka Rose Green with the Housing Finance Corporation.

In the future, the program may be able to help people like the Whites, which is good news. But the help may not come in time.

"How can you have a Hardest Hit program for an area like this that has been devastated and we think its not going to help," said White.