Published: Aug 11, 2010 11:48 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 11, 2010 7:31 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY Fla. - Some residents in the most rural parts of Collier County will now have less firefighters to depend on thanks to budget cuts.

Big Corkscrew Island Fire Department laid off three firefighters in an effort to make up for a million dollar shortfall.

Chief Rita Greenberg says instead of eight people on scene, there will now be six or seven. Each will have to pick up the slack and do more at a fire in order to make up the difference, but Greenberg says it shouldn't be an issue.

The chief tells WINK News this is nothing new to the district. They were operating at the same number of firefighters just two years ago. Greenberg insists response times will remain the same.

The department also cut salaries by five percent, and some administrative positions have been made part time in order to balance the budget.