Published: Aug 10, 2010 11:01 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 10, 2010 6:31 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A 75-year-old Cape Coral woman is accused of driving drunk, hitting several cars, and trying to leave the scene.

Salima Gonin does admit to drinking Monday night.

"I did have some wine," she said.

But says the accusations against her are a misunderstanding.

Gonin was arrested after witnesses said she hit four parked cars at a CVS on Hancock Bridge Parkway in North Fort Myers.

"I remember my car scraped the one car and then I said, "Oh my God no"," Gonin said.

Witnesses say after hitting the cars, Gonin tried to drive off.

But she says that's not true.

"No. No. I was trying to move away from hitting more cars," she said.

According to her arrest report, Gonin initially denied drinking, telling the deputy "No I haven't".

But the deputy notes in his report, he smelled alcohol on Gonin, her eyes were blood shot and she had slurred speech.

Later, Gonin admitted she had been drinking.

The report also states she refused a breathalyzer test.

Gonin says that's also not true.

She claims she did try to give a breathalyzer test to prove she wasn't drunk.

"I kept putting everything I have into breathing into that thing. He kept insisting I wasn't. I did not refuse the breathing. That is wrong," she said.

Gonin is upset because this is the first time in her 50 years of driving she's ever been arrested for a DUI.

She's thankful no one was hurt and is sorry for hitting the cars.

Though she claims she wasn't driving drunk, she will still have her day in court.

She's charged with several counts of DUI, Damaging property, and leaving the scene.