Published: Aug 05, 2010 2:12 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 04, 2010 11:12 PM EDT

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. - Meredith Douthwright and her 8 year old neighbor Grayce were taking Meredith's dog Tater Tot for a walk one July night when he spotted his favorite long-eared, bushy-tailed creature.

"The dog saw the rabbit, I didn't, and then the dog lunged and I pulled him back," Douthwright said.

"She tried to tug on it, but she started to lose her balance and she fell like this," Grayce Robertson said, twisting her arm.   

Meredith knew she was hurt, but didn't realize how badly. "I didn't think it was broken, I just thought I had a severe sprain, but when I tried to get up, it was a different story," Douthwright said.   

Grayce chased Tater while Meredith tried her best to flag down a driver. But car after car, they all kept driving past. "I could have been in a diabetic coma, I could have been having a heart attack, nobody knew," Douthwright said.

One even stopped to look, but kept going. "I was like, so disappointed that that car said oh well and kept going and almost hit my mailbox," Robertson said.

Finally, a pair of headlights started to slow down. It was Mick Huber, a Comcast technician who happened to be in the neighborhood. "I actually grabbed her good arm and reached my arm under her shoulder, lifted her, brought her over to her home and made sure somebody got her to the hospital," Huber said.   

The fall had broken Meredith's arm.  Huber, a strong Christian man, is very humble about his "Good Samaritan" deed. "Any man should've stopped to help," he said.

But to Meredith, she says "He is my hero."   

Huber was recognized on Comcast's national employee website as the "Tech Hero."     Coincidentally, he says a week earlier, the sermon at his church was about "the Good Samaritan."