Published: Aug 05, 2010 12:30 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 04, 2010 7:50 PM EDT

GATEWAY, Fla. - American flags are stolen from a Southwest Florida community.
Residents are outraged about the lack of patriotism.

Kathleen Mitchell says, "To think that anybody could disgrace an American flag by stealing it, and God only knows what they are doing with it."

Residents of a Gateway community were shocked to discover the flags posted on their mailboxes had been stolen!

Judy Hurcomb says, "Whoever did it, went up and down the streets, took all the flags snapped them off and nobody noticed anything."

About ten flags in all, gone.

Amy Pierson says, "This is our property this is the flag of the United States of America and somebody decided to claim it for him or herself"

Mitchell says, "I'm actually appalled, I find it a disgrace, I think the flag is the greatest sign of our country what we represent."

Kathleen Mitchell's son in currently serving in the Navy.While her flag is still waving, the thefts of her neighbors', hits home.

"I think I would cry at first because it would represent something to me."

Hurcomb isn't crying, but she's not happy.

"It's just ridiculous, a waste of time and money for everybody."

Mitchell has a message for those responsible.

"If it doesn't mean enough to you to keep them, and preserve them in place, then maybe you shouldn't be here."