Published: Aug 04, 2010 11:00 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 04, 2010 6:59 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Several homes and a cat are spray painted by a vandal.

It happened in a Cape Coral neighborhood on SE 19th Street.

"I was livid. I was livid. It was bad. It was everywhere," said Kaley Dalziel, one of the victims.

Dalziel's house and cat were both spray painted blue.

The house across the street and next door were also vandalized

The culprit spray painted the sides of the houses, a shed, a tree, even some bushes.

"I was shocked when I found out someone sprayed painted my house," said Virginia Hurley.

The damage to Hurley's house wasn't as bad as Dalziel's.

Her home had paint on the side, the tree in the front yard, the driveway, and more shockingly the family cat named Enzo.

"I picked up my cat and he had blue spray paint all over his shoulder and head. I was angry. I was really mad," she said.

It took Dalziel nearly half an hour to clean Enzo.

The cat is nearly clean, however some signs of the paint are still visible on his head.

"It's right here in his shoulders and and right here on his forehead," she said.

The cat is okay, but Kaley and her neighbor Virgina say they were fuming mad about the damage.

"It's horrible. It's horrible," Virginia said.

Their anger was added with shock once they found out who the culprit was: an 8 year old boy living down the street.

Once the police were called, according to the incident report, the boy admitted his crime and apologized to everyone.

As a result, the victims are not pressing criminal charges.

"The fact the kid confessed to police in front his mother. The fact his mom came down and said she would have him fixed it."

Instead, his punishment will be cleaning up his mess.