Published: Jul 20, 2010 11:30 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 20, 2010 8:42 PM EDT

A woman viciously attacked by dogs is undergoing surgery.
Her family says they want justice.
David Mahon says, "Those dogs should be put down."

He's talking about two Rottweilers believed to have viciously attacked his mother, 64-Year old Carolyn Mahon back in June.

Mahon says,"They literally drug her around the whole front yard which is all concrete."

Carolyn was attacked while picking up David's grandmother who was living at the home, owned by another woman, Julie Urian. 

"She told her "wait there", I have to go put the dogs in the kennel so they didn't jump up on her, she's 88 years old. When she went down and tried to do that, they turned to attack her."

Mahon is now undergoing surgery for severe head and arm injuries.
The dogs owned by Urian are still at the Fort Myers home, something David can't understand.

"They need to be put down, because they can do that to some little child."

Animal control says by law they can't euthanize the dogs because Carolyn refused to provide a statement.
WINK tried to talk to Urian at her home but she refused.

David says, "She asked her, do you think we should put the dogs down ? And she mumbled, no I don't think any animal should be hurt."

He doesn't believe his mother understands the severity of the situation, and has nightmares of the attack.

"She says, I hear those dogs, David, Get em!"

Mahon is currently undergoing her third surgery.
David Mahon says his mother will never again have hair, and it will be years before she recovers.