Published: Jul 16, 2010 8:13 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 16, 2010 5:23 PM EDT

A Lee County woman believes thieves drugged her two dogs so they would not bark to wake her duirng a burglary early Wedsnesday morning.    

The woman slept through the crime.

"When I awoke and found out they had been in my bedroom, I was terribly frightened.  I am just glad the dogs did not get sick, because I believe the burglars gave the dogs something to make them sleep," said Geneva Foreman, who told WINK she is 'nearing 80 years' and lives alone.

Burglars pried open a back window and gained access to the home.  They emptied 10 drawers from the main bedroom, stealing costume jewelry.  They also stole 2 credit cards, one ATM card, $125 in cash, and they rifled through desks and drawers around the house.

"I am angry because I don't have anything.   I mean, it was costume jewelry!   I don't have valuable jewels, and if I did, I would not keep them in the bedroom.   My budget is so tight, I often have to stretch.   The loss of the 125 dollars does hurt.  I will have to dip into my IRA, and I did not want to do that this month," said Foreman.

She notes her dogs, Tinkerbelle and Ladybug, bark a lot at noises and strangers.   She believes the burglars slipped them a sedative or tranquilizer, to make them quiet.   She says Ladybug was sluggish and slept most of Wednesday  -- highly unusual for a young and normally active dog.

"I am just glad they did not hurt the dogs or myself," said Foreman.  "I would like to take my cane to them and wallop them up the side of the head!"

Foreman says it's the first break-in at her home in the 37 years she has lived there.

Foreman says Lee Sheriff's deputies investigated the crime scene, and tried to lift prints from the back window.   She does not believe they got any usuable prints.