Published: Jul 15, 2010 3:41 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 12, 2010 2:30 PM EDT

GOLDEN GATE ESTATES - An 18-year-old makes a disturbing 911 call after an alligator ripped his hand off in a canal Sunday night.

18-year-old Tim Delano was sitting on a rock in a canal off Everglades Boulevard, known as "The Crystal" when he slipped and fell in. 

"Next thing he knows he heard this noise and the alligator had a hold of his hand," says his mother, Deborah Delano.  "He started punching it and I guess he punched him enough and it broke loose.  It took his hand off and he went one way and he went the other."

You can hear Delano's chilling screams in his 911 call to authorities.  He also called his mother.

"My son called me and said mommy an alligator bit my hand off and I'm on the way to hospital," says Deborah Delano.

Collier County EMS medflighted Delano to Lee Memorial's Trauma Unit.

Meanwhile, gator trapper David Regel was sent to the scene.  He's been trapping for 26 years in Collier County.

"I went ahead and rigged the bait and threw it out there," says Regel. 

The bait was cow lungs.

"I dragged him out and opened him up and the hand was in his stomach," says Regel. 

Officials sent the hand to Lee Memorial but doctors say it's too late to re-attach it.

Now, Delano's mother is warning others to stay away from "The Crystal."

"Don't let anybody they know or love go swim at the Crystal," says Deborah Delano.  "It's not a safe place"