Published: Jul 08, 2010 10:40 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 08, 2010 7:45 PM EDT

It's another boy for new mom Sara Quinones. But there's one thing she dreads about going back to her job: breastfeeding.

"It's tough at work, you're trying to find a place where you're hoping no ones going to disturb you for that 10, 15 precious minutes you get to pump at work," said Quinones.

Before she's had to sneak a few minutes here and there to pump. It's embarassing and hectic when there's nowhere to go.

Now a new law is requiring employers to set aside a special room for moms to breastfeed. And they can stay on the clock.

"They have the time now, and a private area. They're not pumping in some little hidden closet, or a bathroom worse yet," said Nancy Travis with Lee Memorial Health Systems.

Lee Memorial is already setting aside a place to pump on every one of its campuses. But because the law is so new, not every company may be ready.

Quinones says she's ecstatic she won't have to deal with the stress anymore.

"Some people have given up on breastfeeding for that very reason. But now the new room is coming hopefully more people will keep up wtih it," she said.