Published: Jul 08, 2010 12:06 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 07, 2010 9:07 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL- Sports memorabilia worth tens of thousands of dollars stolen from a Ft. Myers home.
That's just the start.

The homeowner didn't want to be identified but says, "You know, you feel basically raped."

Strong words from a homeowner who says her family was violated when someone broke in, stealing a lifetime of memories.

"This is years and years of work, and collecting."

The home owner says all that's left of her ex-husbands sports memorabilia collection are these two baseballs, signed by "Pete Rose" and "Otis Nixon."

"He must have had I betcha 50 balls, you know baseballs signed, 10 footballs and 5 or six bats."

Worth more than 30 thousand dollars.

The family's contractor says, "Miami dolphins helmet signed by Dan Marino, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle."

The family's contractor discovered the theft, when he was working on the house, yesterday morning.

Two tapestries worth ten thousand each, were also ripped off the walls.

The homeowner says, "They were one of the first things I bought for this house and I absolutely loved them."

Other things stolen were dresses, golf clubs, musical equipment, and an overhead projector. 
"These people knew what that they were doing."

Theives even used the family's golf cart to get away it was found at the apartments behind the home but with no clues.

"Unfortunately these things usually go unsolved."