Published: Jul 02, 2010 9:19 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 02, 2010 6:38 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - At least 10 drivers are renting vehicles this holiday weekend, after they pumped some British Petroleum gas into their tanks at a station at Daniels and Treeline near the international airport.    The station operator believes water from heavy rains somehow seeped into the underground fuel storage tanks, and the watery gasoline disabled the vehicles.

"I don't know if the tanks have some cracks in them or what.  We will pump out the gas and examine the underground tanks," said Alex Tiseo of Pik-N-Run, the company that operates the gas station under the BP sign.   "I think it is water in the gas.  I do not believe the tanks were vandalized," he told WINK.

Drivers reported, their cars would not start after the gassed up Friday morning.   Tow  trucks spent 2 hours, hauling away disabled cars and trucks.  Pik-N-Run agreed to pay for the towing, rental cars, and repairs of disabled vehicles.

Some drivers noted the irony of the situation, in light of the  BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.   "B-P is putting oil into the water.   Now it is getting water, into its oil!," said Rafael Palacios of Miami.   "I feel for these guys, because they have had  a very bad 2 and a half months."

Driver Mike Jengo agreed.   His truck was disabled and had to be towed to flush out the gas line.

"It did cross my mind that, hey, this is B-P, and B-P is having a  bad year," Jengo said.   "But the operator is taking good care of us.   It's an accident, things happen.   It'll all be fine," he added. 

The station was not selling any gasoline, until inspectors can pinpoint the problem and then fix it.