Published: Jun 30, 2010 12:03 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 29, 2010 8:53 PM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, FL- Tonight, there's another outlet to express anger at BP.
That's what one Fort Myers Beach T-shirt shop is offering its customers.

Krusty Pete's Kustom Shirt Shack makes a variety of shirts with anti BP messages, and they're going fast!

Marcee Anderson says her dancing brings customers to her t-shirt shop on the beach, but it's the BP t-shirts that bring in the cash.

A tourist says, "We came back down here so we could get the BP Tee-shirt."

Printed on site, these shirts feature a variety of anti- BP slogans. One says "shame!"
Another one shows an oil covered pelican and says, "Hey Tony, I want my life back too."
They're going fast!

One shirt, a favorite with local fisherman, simply says "blank BP."

A tourist from New York says, "I just thought it was funny and I thought my friends would think it was kind of cool."

Another from Ohio says, 'I want people to see it and not go to BP."

Many people say they're angry.

Anderson says, 'We wanted to give people a vehicle to express their anger."

Something Anderson admits she's feeling herself.

"It's gut wrenching, and I'm very emotional about it and I fight back the tears on a daily basis."

Tears for the loss of wildlife, work, and precious tourism dollars; even though oil has not yet hit the sand in Southwest Florida.

Anderson says, "Were definitely feeling the pinch, tourism is way down."

She says she plans to protest the cause, one shirt at a time.