Published: Jun 28, 2010 11:24 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 28, 2010 8:44 PM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, FL- A transient is arrested for urinating and defecating on a Fort Myers Beach home.
The homeowner catches it all on tape.

Homeowner David Tezak says, "He walked over to the side of the building over here, he urinated."

Belongings strewn in the backyard, human defecation, and the video to back it up. That's what Fort Myers Beach resident David Tezak says he found when he got home Friday afternoon.

Tezak says, "I have seven cameras and they're completely around the entire place."

Deputies say those cameras caught Anthony Cipollaro, a transient, moving chairs around, getting comfortable in the yard, and then using the house as a urinal.

Tezak found feces in a storage area within the home!
Surveillance shows Cipollaro taking cans of soup and eating them.

Tezak says, "You could see him banging on it, trying to get get it open and then 20,30 minutes later, he staggers off down Chapel street."

Cipollaro was arrested at the Lani Kai Resort hours later.

Tezak blames the beach access by his home for the burglary.

He says, "The access makes it very convenient for transients to come down here, you have chapel by the sea that has this enabling program, where they feed these homeless for almost twenty years now."

He's filed a law suit against the town because of the access, for now, he's just glad he was prepared for this intruder.

The town vice mayor says he's not able to comment on the beach access topic, because it's currently in litigation.