Published: Jun 26, 2010 3:49 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 26, 2010 12:54 AM EDT

GOLDEN GATE ESTATES, Fla. - What started out as just going to get video of damage done to a property by vandals turned into a much bigger story with neighbors pleading to us. They say they feel like captives in their own home because of the crime.

"Either us or one of the other neighbors have to call police because there are people here with just needless vandalism," Michael Carr tells me.

He and his neighbors on 9th Street SW in Golden Gate Estates are feed up with people vandalizing houses daily.

Thursday deputies caught two criminals trying to steal the lanai cage, glass doors and cooper from the walls in a house on the street.

Carr says two arrests is a drop in the bucket on this street. "There has definitely been more than that, they've come out several times and arrested juveniles."

In fact, Annette Haas tells me the same day deputies arrested the two men, another suspicious trailer truck came out to the house later that night.

But, this house is not the only problem. Everything in a nearby building used to store large equipment has been smashed to pieces, all within the last year.

"There was another house at the end of the street that was totally demolished, they even put a chair through the Spanish tile roof," Carr explains.

I'm told another empty house burned to the ground.

Haas rarely goes on vacation in hear of being hit up next.

Carr tells me he hasn't been able to travel back to the east coast, "we have been stuck here, we are really afraid to come home and find our house looking like this."

Neighbors say it's also made them very fearful at night.

Using the sheriff's office website I counted nine thefts within a two and a half mile radius of this street over the last seven days.

Neighbors says deputies patrol the area often but, they are out numbered by the crooks.