Published: Jun 24, 2010 11:35 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 24, 2010 8:35 AM EDT

Are you happy?

If the answer is no there's a new book that promises simple steps to finally finding fulfillment.

WINK News Anchor Lindsay Liepman spoke exclusively to the author, Celebrity Fit Club's Dr. Ian Smith.

"Happiness is when pleasure meets meaningfulness, meets engagement in life," said Dr. Ian.

"Why now? Because the country is really in a depressed mood. Bad economy, the gulf spill is happening, the wars are still going on and people really need a lift," he said.

Dr. Ian says money can make you happy but only up to a certain point!

"If you look at the data in some of the studies. It shows that up to about 70-75,000 dollars you can increase your happiness as you increase your income but when you get beyond that amount of money, the increasing amount of money you make actually doesn't correlate to increasing happiness," said Dr. Ian.

And the happiest people on earth?

Reportedly, folks in Denmark.

"The Danes say, that they would like to have it all but realize they can't have it all therefore they are grateful for what they do have and they cherish what they have. Americans however say, I have a 3 series BMW, I would now like a 5 we're on this hedonic treadmill, always wanting to require the bigger, the greater the newer. Whereas others say, you know what, I'm happy with what I have, let me appreciate it and take some time to reflect that," said Dr. Ian.

Dr. Ian provides happiness boosters in the book, like keeping a gratitude journal and doing five small acts of kindness each week.

"Leave a couple of dollars on the vending machine with a note next to it saying if you need the money use, it, if not leave it for someone else. These very simple random acts of kindness, can also boost your happiness tremendously," he said.

Speaking of work, Dr. Ian says workplace happiness is paramount, since you spend most of your time there.

Here are some tips from the book.

First, focus on the things you do well.

Find your strength and do that as often as you can at work.

Second, surround yourself with happy people at work, because complainers can bring down your mood.

And finally, try to go beyond your job description to catch your bosses eye.

That could garner you more praise and satisfaction.