Published: Jun 22, 2010 11:34 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 22, 2010 8:35 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL- A drunken Fort Myers man takes his rage out on a kitten and when confronted, attacks his female neighbor.

Neighbors say Hector Rivera is mentally ill and when he drinks, he sometimes gets violent.
They've even tried to help him in the past, but now, they've had enough.

Gregory Davis couldn't believe it when he saw his neighbor Hector Rivera pick up this cat and throw it on the cement.
When he then picked up a tiny kitten, Davis felt sick.

Davis says, "He picked it up and he had it in his hand like a ball, and he threw it down on the ground."

A kitten, only a few weeks old, slammed to the ground.

Neighbor Delora Lantz says, "I said Hector don't you hurt those little kittens. What the hell is wrong with you!?"

Lantz confronted Rivera and that's when he became enraged.

She says, "He started cussing at me in Spanish, I don't know what he said because I don't understand spanish but then he threw a soda can at me and hit me in the eye."

Then Rivera started banging his head on a window, shattering it. He wasn't done there.

Neighbor Dave Gilchrist says, "He was just banging his head on the fire extinguisher and finally he broke it took the extinguisher out and slammed it on the floor."

Police were called and Rivera, bloody and intoxicated, was arrested. The kitten was taken away, neighbors say, barely moving.
Today she's doing fine, and neighbors are just glad Rivera, a man they call a community nuisance, is gone as well.

Animal services says for now the kitten will be placed into foster care because she'll need to be fed from a bottle every 2 hours.