Published: Jun 21, 2010 11:42 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 21, 2010 8:45 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL-   A convicted murderer whose name resonates fear in Charlotte County wants to be set free.

Daniel Conahan, a suspected serial killer on death row, says evidence used against him a decade ago was flawed.
Conahan was found guilty of mutilating and killing one man, and was named as a suspect in several other murders after human bones were found around Lee and Charlotte Counties.

Today, the death row inmate walked into the court room smiling. His defense called an
audio expert, who testified after reviewing a taped interview with the murder victim's mother. They established the word  "Conahan" was never mentioned in the transcribed interview. The tape was used to help convict Conahan in 1999.

Defense attorney William Hennis said in an interview in 2007, "Obviously we believe that the credibility of that evidence undermines the state's case."

Charlotte deputies believe that Conahan is also responsible for at least four other murders in the county in the late 90's. Conahan's name was brought up by Lee County deputies in 2007 when eight more bodies were found in Fort Myers. The victims were all men, they were tied up, killed, and mutilated. Still, Conahan's attorney said there was no connection to any of these crimes.

Hennis said, "If they had enough evidence to indict Mr. Conahan on any of those other cases, they would have done it long ago."